Return Policy

We will issue refunds for orders that are defective, e.g. misprints, receiving the wrong colour or size, or holes in the garment. If a return is requested, we will review the request and determine if a refund will be given. Refund/exchange requests must be made within 30 days of the purchase.

Please note that the colour of images shown on this website may be affected by the technology used to access it. Whilst we do our best to faithfully reproduce colours, some variation may occur during the printing process, especially on darker coloured garments.

No refunds will be given for mistakes made outside of our control. This includes you ordering a wrong size, style, or colour. We print the exact number of garments, based on the orders that came in, and we will not have extras. 

Please review your order before you finish checkout to avoid any issues. We will also send an e-mail with details about your order immediately after your order is placed, and if there are any discrepancies in your order at that point, please contact us to make a change.