About Us

Bak Bok was born in late 2020, out of lockdown boredom.

(Okay, that's a little misleading....let's start over......)

Bak Bok launched their website and officially registered as a LTD company in 2020. But, the brand started a little earlier than that...

Bak Bok is made up of us 2 up there, Doug (on the left) and Mat (the other one). This is a picture from our very first market stall, taken almost exactly one year after our creation. It was a great milestone for us and having (most of our) range all in one place, and presented how we had imagined, was a huge moment for both of us.

We are childhood friends and have had dreams of creating a clothing brand ever since creating matching outfits for a festival... It was us 2, Doug's partner Jazzy, and good friend Josh. We bleached simple patterns onto some cheap t-shirts (and Doug done some trousers).....Here's how we looked....(Drunk faces hidden)

Safe to say, we had lots of compliments about the t-shirts, so we began bleaching t-shirts with funky designs and called ourselves ''Bleach Boys''...(we know, super original right?!)

Long story short, the process of bleaching t-shirts was complex, time consuming, and imprecise.

However, the idea never went away. Was there a way to take our style and make it more viable as a business?

...ANNNNNND that's when Mat found climbing, and completely fell in love with it....aaaaand later, introduced Doug to it and gave him the same climbing bug. It was during a climbing session that we noticed that not that many t-shirts have big, bold back designs. And were, in fact, mostly blank. Oooohkay, well there's an idea. We create t-shirts where the main focus is on the back, so that when we're on the wall, the best part isn't hidden. So, that was it, we set off designing, simple, funky, bright t-shirts with the main focus on the back..... and here we are.

And that's how it all started (the short version).